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We are a creative agency by design. We help develop services for customers of all sizes, specializing in creating engaging, memorable, presences that lead to long term customers and end users.

Perfect Design

Media One is focused to delivering creative and memorable lasting impressions by impressive design.

Web Development

Web development is much more than designing a website and posting it online. It's cultivated by years of experience and understanding how to make websites appeal to the end user on all types of devices and show in search results.

Social Media

We create and cultivate amazing social media campaigns through advertising, maintaining and captivating audiences. No matter if it is lead generation, conversion, or brand engagement, we are elated and overly enthusiastic about social media.

Ad Campaigns

We create campaigns, slogans, brands that are engaging and memorable. Our whole agency thrives on coming up with amazing campaigns in which people talk about for a long time.

Graphic Design

We have amazing designers. Not only do they have the education and background in graphics design, they have the experience. Our founder has worked tirelessly on finding the right designers for the job. Quality is never sacrificed.

Creative Campaigns

This is where Media One really shines through as a Creative Marketing Agency. We realize not only the effectiveness of a creative memorable campaign but we realize how it impacts a digital economy for effectiveness

Our Team

Our goal is to deliver memorable creative campaigns to help brands grow. We have been able to maintain our growth putting together amazing creative campaigns through Marketing & Advertising. Our growth depends on our clients growth. That is what makes us number 1 choice for marketing and advertising agency in Fort Wayne, IN

Ron Timmons


Lauren Caggiano

Executive Content Writer

Leah Richards

Chief Executive Officer

Shanice Hill

Executive Director of Finance

Neil Snyder

Web Development & App Creator

Casey Nancarrow

Executive Director of Operations

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We are a passionate digital design agency that specializes in beautiful and easy-to-use digital design & web development services.

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