Some of the most successful marketing campaigns include TV advertising, billboard advertising, radio advertising and traditional advertising methods of mainstream media buying. But let’s talk about the facets of digital marketing and digital advertising.

Having a structured plan built on data research based on demographics is important. There are so many ways to go about digital marketing. Once your creative campaign has been developed, implementation is important for a good ROI.

In order to achieve your end goal we work to ensure all bases are covered. Do we have memorable campaign creatives in order that will resonate with your target audience? Are we reaching your audience through the most engaging method so we can see responses in real time? Will the ad campaign get end users responses to share and talk about your products and services amongst their friends, family and peers?

Think JG Wentworth here… the creators of that campaign were ingenious. Not only are the advertisements memorable and humorous but they get people talking — talking about the advertisements and keeping the viewers engaged. 

Let’s face it a company like JG Wentworth is not something exciting people would talk about on a normal basis. But because of the boisterous comical ad campaign, it becomes this. If I mention the TV or Internet ads, people immediately know who I’m talking about. And the name JG Wentworth is not the easiest one to remember.

When you create a long-term advertising campaign and invest in your company to execute the creative, over a period of time your investment will net positive results. This is our strength here at Mediaonelink. We link all aspects of advertising to your brand through creative ad campaigns and advertising.