What makes a brand a brand? Is it just a logo? Is it just colors? Is it a website? The short answer to this is no, but yes. It’s a mixture of all of those things and more. A brand starts with your products and services. What do you offer? How do you offer it? What’s the experience like for the purchaser of your products and services? What will make the purchase of your products and services memorable, inviting, welcoming, and want to talk about with others?

All of those elements matter, from the time that they first engage with your company to the very end. And now with the digital age, it is even more important to carry that on after the fact. Online reviews, social media, online conversations about your company, and much much more have staying power. This means you have a lot to gain from presenting an amazing first impression.

Today, the average consumer has 500 contacts they engage with on social media. This means 10 people engaging with your business can actually be 50,000. Our branding process is tested and offers a roadmap to amplify and elevate your image and message in a way that cuts through the clutter.