Brook Krabill -Graphics Artist

Our Founder, Ron Timmons, was at an outdoor event in Elkhart, IN. It was the Elkhart County Fair. This was during a time when Media One was performing outdoor staffed exhibits and had multiple clients at the Elkhart County Fair. Bear in mind The Elkhart County Fair is the WORLDS largest COUNTY fair! Media One had just started running advertisements in the employment section seeking graphics artists.


Miracles seem to work in amazing ways. Ron met Brook at a booth she had set up and it just so happened that  she had just graduated from Purdue University with a major in Studio Arts & Technology. The two struck up a conversation and after a few projects together in was a certain business match. Brook became the official Graphics Art Lead for Media One. The rest is history and she has been working with Media One for nearly 2 years.

Brook has the luxury to work remotely from her office in Lafayette, IN where she and her husband live. is a great project everyone here at Media One have been working on. She is much appreciated!