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Media One Marketing Group is always seeking talented individuals to help the company grown and achieve its goals while making its employees feel like, well, not employees. We like it to be a family type atmosphere where you opinion, input, hard work and dedication really counts.

Below are a few open positions we have in our office headquartered in Fort Wayne, IN

Jobs and careers Fort Wayne, IN


We are seeking a qualified Chief Executive Officer to spearhead operations and take this thing to the next level.


As a chief Financial officer you will direct the board members on fiscal reports, manage all payroll, and all finances of the company.


Digital Sales Engineers

As a digital sales engineer you will head up sales and distribution

Sales Director

As sales director you will handle all aspects of sales and help increase revenues to an all time high. You will sell and manage a complete sales staff including hiring sales staff. You will implement systems and use current systems for improving the workflow of Media One and will work with payroll…


Public Relations Director

As public relations director your creative influence will guide the creative teams and connect with communities, public, and handle public speaking. You will also be part of video and video production and handle all social media for Media One.