Media One Marketing Group guarantees all of its services to clients. We guarantee our products and services to be delivered as promised. If for some reason a product or service is not delivered as promised, has warranty issue, or service issue, we will correct the issue at no cost to you for those services and products.

We believe in helping our clients achieve their goals. Exception to this rule would be complete changes to websites, make-overs, additional content added in addition to correcting the issue which may result in additional hourly rates.

Our hourly rate is set at $85 per hour with a one hour minimum. While we do offer a guarantee we do not offer cash refunds under any circumstance. Should you need repair or replacement we are happy to make that happen for you in a timely manner.


Media One is dedicated to quality. We will gladly custom design any campaign, website, logo, creative campaign to meet and exceed your needs. Communication is key. We can not be successful without constant communication to achieve and exceed your goals with the project we collaborate on.

We allow calls, texts, emails, social media and other means of communication. With so many means of communication we should agree on one form of communication rather than multiple to ensure constant conversation details are all in one place.

Our guarantee stands for web design for one year. All web agreements are subject to one year agreement. Should you elect to choose another web provider or another hosting service, we may charge you a transfer fee of minimum $300 and not to exceed $1500 depending on work performed to achieve this goal.

No transfers will be made until all fees are paid in advance. Which time we will have transferred within 7 business days. (Usually next business day is the normal timeline)

We thank you for your business with Media One and look forward to serving your marketing, advertising and online presence needs.