Internships for Marketing & Advertising

Media One Marketing Group strongly believes in helping others excel and grow. After all we water and feed businesses to help them grow why not help college students get in the garden and help their continued education and help them establish themselves as marketing majors?

Our continued education program is established for 3 key reasons.

  1. Give back to the community. We strongly believe that a hands on approach will help students prosper in both the digital economy and real world situation. Students learn hands on what it takes to make deals, what happens when we break deals, why we should ot should not accept certain types of deals,, negotiations, all aspects of office environment work and all aspects of branding both digital and traditional methods for clients.
  2. We hope to gain long term employees. Through our relentless interview process, we hope to meet charming sharp minded individuals who are not only tech savvy but goal driven. We want individuals who realize it takes a team of individuals to make a machine run. We strongly believe in team work. This is why we put the marketing and advertising internship together for the entire state of Indiana.
  3. To help interested individuals know if a career in marketing is for them. We all know people often pick the wrong major, or are undecided if they really want to spend their entire career in marketing or advertising. Indiana is so far behind in marketing methods it is crazy. Media One Marketing Group is focused on being Indiana’s number one marketing agency. Our goal is to deliver quality campaigns that are memorable and people talk about them for years. It’s kind of like building the most beautiful house in the entire state. It gets attention for a great number of years until a new home comes out to take its place. In the marketing world you always need to be on you game and keep the score at the top. Having our internship program for marketing and advertising lets students operate in an environment that is hands on giving them the opportunity to decide before they even graduate.

Marketing Internships In Indiana

Not many marketing agencies have the internship program Media One has. We go above and beyond when it comes to internships. Part of money received for our internship program is from private investors, part from grants, part from profits, and remainder from government learning programs. We like to think of ourselves as the “real life hands on class” which is something you can take with you for the rest of your life.