Investors Fort Wayne – Investing In Technology

Media One Marketing Group is a privately owned company. Through its private investors and community relations it is on the verge of being something very successful. Throughout the times Media One has been able to maintain sustainability and profitability.

Through our next phase we are adding to Downtown Fort Wayne. With the purchase of the building on Spy Run Ave we want to make our presence known in the city. If you know Fort Wayne, You know that anyone and everyone travels Spy Run to go North from Downtown at some point or another. We are right on the curve at the light. The building is nothing more than a billboard for advertising making a strong presence in the city.

With renovations of the building in the works, (yes it has been a slow process due to city planning etc) we are improving that area immensely. The building will feature a new video press desk, all new interior, new face to the building, a fully operational training ground for college students interested in technology marketing and advertising, ( We Love Interns! ) fully google functional security system and real time platforms for digital advertising, marketing and branding.


Through Transparency we have accountability. That all starts right here at the core of our business. We want to bring the next big best thing to Fort Wayne.

“Paving The Future Starts With Investors”

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