Media One is committed to providing businesses a professional presentation. In doing so we often seek talent outside our company for Public Relations (PR) events, Photos, videos. Modeling, personalities and social media presentations.
We are dedicated to showing the public what great talents we have in Fort Wayne, IN as well as around the globe through our marketing efforts.

A professional presentation helps businesses grow, prosper, helps the community by bringing money to the local economy and helps maintain / create jobs.
Media One wishes to partner with talent that has a certain look, feel, professionalism, and character about them that shines. Memorable characters help build brands.

We are glad you have chosen to give us a careful consideration and hope you join our team of “personalities” we are building for our company as well as our clients.
Any and all work is always scheduled in advance, (unless something out of the ordinary pops up) and we always pre-agree on amount you will be paid for the event. Payments are made on a weekly basis for the previous week worked. Example, we give you 2 job tasks on a Monday and Wednesday our pay period runs Monday through Sunday and Each Subsequent Monday is payday. You would be paid the following Monday unless otherwise agreed.

Events include but are not limited to, photo shoots, video shoots, social media live events, trade show events, televised events, recording (audio) events, radio, events and sporting events.
You always have the option to accept or decline any event as you choose for any reason whatsoever without question as this is a contract paid position. You are reliable for your own taxes and a 1099 form will be filed.