Being a stay-at-home mother is a tough job. We know this… I mean we all had moms, right? Well, we also know moms need to continue their education, have a place in the workforce, and be a part of something great. Everyone needs a break every now and then to break free from the day-to-day chores as a mom. (Yes we know there are those rewarding moments)

Media One Marketing Group is proud to announce their Mothers In Marketing education program. We realize that moms have hobbies, too!! Moms have passion and drive. Most of all, moms have a need — a need to be valued someplace other than at home for domestic duties.

Whether it’s fashion, decorating, cooking, travel, music, social media, or whatever your desire may be… we have a program that will not only let you explore what you love but will also give you the tools to monetize your interests and work from home! 

It doesn’t matter if it is just a few hours a day, a few hours a week or a couple hours a month. Our professional staff is ready to help you learn what you need to enjoy doing what you love and engage with others who enjoy the same. 

You will learn the following:

  • How to create marketing trends 
  • How to Use social media to engage audiences and turn profits
  • How to build out ad campaigns
  • How to utilize your hobby and build groups
  • How to use different software
  • How to sell online
  • How to build your brand

And more! 

You might ask, “How much does this training cost?” Well our answer is simple! It costs you being a MOM! We love moms! We know you are paying your dues! We know the task of being a mom is somewhat overwhelming. 

Media One Marketing Group wants to help you continue your education and help communities thrive. Our founder believes in helping local communities prosper. This is a program created to do just that. To get started, complete the form and one of our reps will get back to you ASAP!