Naveen Kumar

Naveen has been a partner with Media One since 2014. Naveen’s Web Development skills are right on target to ensure customer satisfaction and on time delivery. If you need a website developed, we have the team and skills to ensure a memorable, engaging website that delivers results.

Naveen has been developing websites since 2001 and has knowledge in all formats of web design. No matter if Ecommerce, HTML, HTML5, Joomla, WordPress, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, and other formats Naveen can deliver. We have team in place that has projects looked over by many sets of eyes to ensure precision.

A website is much more than just a display online. It is your brand’s first impression. You need to make a statement. There are many elements that go with web design. It’s more than just a site online. It’s marketing online. With Billions of websites, blogs, social media channels and search engines, how you are linked to makes a world of difference. How people find your business online.

We have an SEO team that can ensure your website is linked, mentioned, and commented on in the correct forums and websites all across the internet on a local, regional, national and worldwide level.

While we do not claim to be the “cheapest, least expensive, or free” we do claim to be quality. We do deliver as promised. And we are not over priced for services received. We are priced moderately somewhere in the middle and are always fair.