Video marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies going into 2020. In 2018, 81% of businesses used video marketing as a strategy and that number is only going to continue to be on the rise, advancing through the years to come. Marketers, have been hearing lots of stats like these: 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day, 1200% more shares are generated by social videos than text and images combined, videos on a landing pages increase conversions by 80% and 80% of users recall a video ad they have seen online in the past month.

How to build an effective video

Video marketing is not something that should be taken lightly, it requires accuracy and precision to be effective. This is why you need us! Here are some ways that we, here at Media One Marketing Group, have found that help produce an effective marketing video:

1. Center your video around a story, not the sale

There is a heap of sales clutter on the Internet that is actively annoying and repelling your customers. Don’t let your brand be that guy – instead, your video should be centred around the story and not the sale. Remember: the same rules that apply for written content marketing apply for video marketing – concentrate on the value you’re providing for your customers.

2. Make your Video Feature the Best 10 Seconds Ever

One fifth of your viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds or less. Short and to the point – that’s what the video experts are recommending. Our advice? Get right to the grit of the tale and manage expectations from the outset (within the first 5 to 10 seconds).

3. Use Humor in your Video!

According to Tim Washer, Social Media Manager at Cisco “Often in the corporate world, people get nervous about comedy and say it doesn’t belong here. But if it might help you get a point across efficiently and economically, why wouldn’t you try it and see if you can make it work?”

So what do your audience want instead? They want to laugh, they want to feel enlightened, they want to be pulled out of their boring 9 to 5’s and forget about their realities.

4. Optimize for your video for SEO – Tag it up

There are plenty of tactics you can use to ensure your videos get found easier in search engines. The first thing you should do to derive the maximum SEO value from your video (before you upload your video to any sharing sites) is to host it on your own domain.

5. Educate your Customers with Video and Prove yourself

Did you know that 65% of your audience are visual learners? One of the most powerful methods you can use for video marketing is to educate your audience. And the great thing is that education comes in many forms. For example, you can teach your customers how to use your product or service and provide useful tips on how to make the most of it. Or you can create a webinar to showcase your industry knowledge, position your brand as a thought leader, add value to your consumers’ lives and collect leads in the process.

6. Use Engaging Methods that Ultimately Convert to Sales

What is the purpose of video in the first place? To build interest in a product, service or company. But ultimately in doing so you want to use the most cutting edge tools to track, engage, market, and convert the end user into a sale. Media One Marekting group has the team and know how to implement these tasks. Along with the video creation process, we can help your videos convert to sales. If you are interested in starting a video campaign and want to convert your views to sales… contact us today! Click the chat window on the bottom right or use the contact us form below to start the conversation.