Trevor Spencer

Spencer is our go to guy when it comes to video production. His skills are creating, editing, and promoting videos. If it’s anything video he is the go to guy. We are partnered with Steve on a contract basis. All work done by Steve is under Media One just as all other work is. We bring enough projects to keep Steve in crunch time mode most of the day. He really loves us for it even though sometimes he is saying what the heck!?  If you need video production that is not a cookie cutter solution to help your brand grow, let us know! Soon we will be posting videos and Steves work on Social Media and on our website. Like they say, “The proof is in the pudding”


*Please note that all Media One Employees are working remotely until renovations are completed at our Spy Run Location Soon to be our New Home Office If you are a client or potential client and need to contact any of our employees, contractors, or affiliates you may do so through email or by calling directly at 260-222-7676 and include their extension. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.