How To Know If You Should Use An Agency or Web Service

Article By Ron Timmons


Web design is more than just posting a website online. We all know anyone can do that these days with the numerous amount of templates and the various service providers that host and manage websites. But what makes a web design firm different? What makes your website different?

I have done extensive study and research in this topic. With so many slick oil sales people trying to sell monthly packages of SEO and SEM it seems no one has a real true solution to ensuring you are number one in a search.

Using organic search capabilities should be first and foremost. Becoming organically number one without paid search is a very complex task. Using inbound marketing tactics, mentions on authority websites, back links, key words, meta tags, and other methods are great but the number one thing you can do to ensure your website has engaging content is provide valuable content.

Content is KING. Bounce rates are an issue with google and if your website has a visitor that is only there for a brief moment it can red strike your website and move you down on the list. This is why it is important to have and maintain a blog on your website. The more actual writings and posts you have will invite readers to engage with the website, stay longer and ultimately move up on the search. If you have a product or service, talk about the products and services you offer. If you have a new product talk about the new product but don’t just be a commercial trying to sell the product give actual scenarios, videos, press releases, and information that is free and helpful. These are methods to ensuring your website is always up to date, interesting, and engaging. After all I remember back in the Alta Vista search engine days when key words were all that mattered and websites would have a post something like this….

“We are an ad agency because ad agencies are the best in the Fort Wayne IN Area. Everyone uses ad agencies because ad agencies know what they are doing with ads. We are the best ad agency in the world use our ad agency.” That is the way it really was back in the day prior to google. This is why google became so popular and famous because they wanted content that made sense and was useful. Not just a bunch of keywords like “Ad Agency” crammed into a paragraph that made absolutely no sense. Totally non-useful.

Websites should be informational, inviting, memorable, mobile friendly, responsive to work on all devices, and easy to navigate. Simple is the key factor here. We need click to call features on the website and we need the website to match the company brand we are working with. Flow is good.

So, when it comes to why should you use a creative agency for your online presence, the answer comes down to this.

Do you want to manage your website in search engines, social media, write ups, continuously adding content, and ensuring its secure at all times or do you want a company that you can partner with for the long term goal of engagement.

When hiring an ad agency or creative firm, you are essentially hiring a marketing department for your business which has a goal of your success being their success. True growth is measured by success. Websites are not inexpensive. If you are a small local ma and pa shop with a small budget then there are options for you on a smaller scale such as wix, weeble, godaddy, and others. If you are a growing company or have a budget to grow then it is highly advisable that you hire an ad agency or creative agency to help put together a road map of goals to achieve success.

Ron Timmons – Founder